Oskar Svärd new head of Team Coop!

The long distance ski team Team Coop preparing for a new season of Swix Ski Classics appoints Oskar Svärd as the new Team Director after David Nilsson.

Oskar Svärd is one of the founders of the team, he will the first coming season also be an athlete in Team Coop. Oskar Svärd is 37 years old and lives winter time in Meråker, Norway together with his Norwegian girlfriend Kari Eie. Summer times he is based in Eksjö, Sweden. He has won Vasaloppet three times, and has also victories in races such as Jizerska, Finlandiahiihto and Marcialonga in his CV.

" It has been a fantastic time since starting up former Team Exspirit, now Team Coop, back in 2010. I am very proud of having being part of a fantastic team, with great athletes and staff. I feel very comfortable in leaving the keys to Oskar now, and I am sure he has better skills than me for the task. With his background and experience in long distance skiing, and of course with his 3 victories in Vasaloppet he knows very well what it takes for Team Coop to develop further.

Oskar being based in Norway, will also be positive for our Norwegian partners, Coop and Lilleborg. Finally I don't think you should stay too long at a position if you have the best for the organization in mind, I wish Oskar Svärd all the best!" says David Nilsson former Team Director of Team Coop.

" I am happy getting this opportunity, me and David has discussed this for some time, and now I feel ready. On my side I will have Katja Boner based in Lillehammer, Norway, as Assistant Team Director. She will also be responsible for following up the work between Team Coop and Team Coop Talent which we operate together with Lillehammer SK. I have had two seasons spoiled of injuries and sickness, but now I am finally back on track, and finishing 6th in the Final in Åre this year was great for the motivation.

I have now a lot of energy in helping Team Coop take the next step, we should be the world´s leading long distance ski team! " says Oskar Svärd Team Director of Team Coop.

On Monday the 26th of May Team Coop gathers for the first Training Camp in Falkenberg, Sweden, in front of the 2015 season.